Four Reasons Homes Don’t Sell

House not Selling

Have you ever wondered why you haven’t been able to sell your house?

Here are some top reasons why many homes don’t sell.

1. Bad Marketing

In the past 20 years, computers and the internet have changed the face of real estate. Most agents haven’t kept up. According to the National Association of Realtors (2014 study), 96% of all home buyers now use the Internet for house hunting.

Less than 7% of agents are trained in sales and marketing. Many still rely on yard signs to do their work for them, but that just doesn’t cut it anymore. 

2. Bad Photography

We live in an image-rich culture! Many buyers say ‘NO!’ to houses simply because of poor photography used in ads, Multiple Listing Service, or social media accounts. People pass up properties because of poorly done photography all the time.

Good photos are not always easy to get. The sun isn’t always in an ideal position for the photo. The agent might not be capable of taking a good picture, or is not interested in putting in the work to present your home at its best. Make sure the house is well represented in all photographs. We think that’s unacceptable, and so easy to fix!

3. Bad Agent

Beware: Real estate agents who mislead and misbehave. Their bad advice can cost you plenty of time, money, and stress. Bad agents misrepresent your property’s value, fail to market it properly, fail to screen for qualified buyers, and keep you totally in the dark throughout the process.

What’s more, if your agent has a bad reputation, other agents working with prospective sellers and buyers may not want to show you their clients’ properties.

4. Bad Pricing

Some home sellers want to price their homes above market value, in order to give themselves more negotiating room. But overpricing actually eliminates potential buyers. Others price their homes too low, and that just causes potential buyers to assume there’s something wrong with it.

Working with Keith and Crye-Leike will ensure that your home-selling and home-buying experience runs smoothly, free of any of these mistakes. Keith offers his clients excellent services and proven Crye-Leike resources in order to make his clients’ properties highly competitive.

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